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Check out our studio and the gear list below.

Gear List:

Console: SSL Matrix

Software DAW: Nuendo, Cubase, ProTools 10, Studio One Pro v2

Audio Interfaces: Antelope Orion 32, RME UFX

Monitors: NS10, 824HR, KRK

Outboard Dynamics and EQ: SSL Rack filled with (2) G-series stereo compressors and 4 mono compressors, UA 1176, Alan Smart C1, Tube-tech CL1B, API 2500, Summit Audio Stereo EQ

Outboard Pres: Focusrite ISA 828, UA 4-710d, (4) Great River 500NV

Outboard (Other): (3) TC Electronics M3000 Reverb

Microphones: Neumann M149, Neumann U87ai, (2) Neumann TLM103, 421's,, 451's, SM81's, SM57 and many more

Other Gear: Open Labs Neko XXL Hot Rod, Roland Keyboard, Nord C2D